Case Studies & News

Kings Cross

The Kings Cross development is Europe’s largest regeneration project, transforming what was once one of London’s most run down areas into a thriving area where people can live, work and entertain. The 67 acre scheme composes of an exciting mix of new sustainable architecture alongside existing historical buildings over 100 years old.

Exoteric designed, project managed and installed a bespoke turbine meter for the energy centre. The Kings Cross energy centre provides a combined heat and power (CHP) solution for the development and our technical team welcomed the challenge of coming up with a design to meet the needs of this innovative scheme.

One of the challenges was to accommodate the changing needs of the development as it progresses. The meter has been designed so that it can provide the right capacity for the initial start-up phase and at a later date be modified to suite the sites usage. Designed and built so with minimal intervention the module can not only meet the demand of the changing loads but also maintain optimum metering accuracy.

Thanet Earth

Thanet Earth is a vast, high-tech complex of greenhouses growing salad crops. With planning permission for 7 commercial greenhouses, Thanet Earth is the UK's largest greenhouse complex. Not only leading in size, Thanet Earth sets an example for environmentally sustainable crop growth.

The Thanet Earth development is powered by combined heat and power (CHP), using natural gas to power engines that produce electricity. In electricity production, of the gas that is used typically 25% to 40% of this gets turned into electricity, the balance of the energy is lost to atmosphere in the form of heat and carbon dioxide. Thanet Earth harnesses this heat by pumping it into the greenhouses for crop production, ensuring that over 90% of all energy is conserved making this a truly environmentally friendly process.

Taking into account the site's needs for high production, Exoteric designed and installed the rotary gas meter for one of these vast greenhouses that powers its CHP engine. In addition to the meter Exoteric installed an Automatic Meter Reading device (AMR). The benefits to the customer include accurate recording of the meter consumption and through this data can manage their energy use efficiently. Our AMR device is linked to the customers Energy Management System (EMS) we send the data to them via the live signal transmitted from the device. This data is captured and communicated daily, allowing the customer to build up an accurate profile of energy consumption and intervene where necessary, enabling them to make cost savings.

Inner City Space

With the demand for housing, construction and re development within our cities continues, space has become more of a commodity. To use London as an example, one of the busiest cities in the world, London has had to adapt to an ever increasing population and has become the location of choice for many companies. In past years London's skyline transformed in the shape of skyscrapers, we built up and continue to build upwards to meet the ever growing demands we put on the city. In more recent times we have looked to reuse existing buildings and build below ground level. While providing a solution to finding more space, this presents a challenge in terms of adapting the way we approach design and suite the needs of modern living and working.

Exoteric has designed and installed meter modules to power energy centres for apartment blocks and business's all within challenging space constraints. These include the Fulham Reach development, a former distillery transformed into living spaces; Charles house in Kensington, a complex of commercial premises and luxury apartments and Wandsworth Riverside Quarter, high end apartments overlooking the Thames. Whatever the challenge, Exoteric can tailor the design of the meter module to meet the space constraints without compromising quality.