What We Do



New Meter Installations

From the install of our first meter in 2001 we have built our reputation around customer service and we pride ourselves on removing the difficulties and frustrations that so many customers experience in the installation of their meter. Exoteric is able to draw on all the benefits associated with being part of the Energy Assets group. We have also retained our flexibility to react quickly to the needs of customers and industry advancements. This ensures that you benefit from all improvements as soon as they are available.

Working with Britain's leading suppliers, developers and construction companies, Exoteric complete thousands of new connections every year. Whether you require a simple diaphragm meter or a complex turbine installation, we understand the importance to you of installing the meter at the right time and at the right price. Whatever the size of the meter you require, whatever the pressure tier, wherever you are in Britain, Exoteric is where your metering matters.

Meter Exchanges

At Exoteric we understand that your needs change over time. Whether you are experiencing rapid growth or driving efficiency savings through AMR, the right metering solution matters.

Our sales team are on hand to assist you in identifying your individual requirements. From single-site enquiries to large multisite portfolios, we are available to help you get the right meter for your needs and provide a full Meter Exchange Project Management service. Using basic information available on your current bills we can confirm the size of the existing installation. Our account managers, working in partnership with you, will determine the current and future load requirements to ensure you will have the correct metering solution.

Our design engineers will price to exchange your meters and if required, instruct a qualified engineer to undertake a site survey to ensure we produce a solution that meets your exact requirements. We can provide an end-to-end solution to get your company reconnected as quickly as possible. If requested this can include reconnection of the outlet pipework and associated Purge and Relight Testing. All of Exoteric assets are pulse enabled and compatible with any Automatic Metering Technology.

Meter Removals, Warrant Works

At Exoteric we understand that in some circumstances, it may be necessary to remove meters from end user premises as part of a debt management program. 

To facilitate this process, we have developed our Adversarial Meter Removal Service which provides a flexible solution to what can be a difficult process.

Our network of engineers, strategically located around Britain, are available to meet a nominated bailiff on site and gain access via the court awarded warrant. We understand the importance to attend site on the specific date, at a specific time, and our scheduling of this service is designed to incorporate these requirements. Our pricing model for these removals is designed to provide you the flexibility to carry out these removals and any associated ancillary purging works which meets the exact requirements of each site. This includes additional waiting time in gaining entry to a property or in the instances where an outstanding bill is paid to the supplier during the removal visit.


Siteworks / Utility Networks

Exoteric has a wealth of experience in managing gas transportation infrastructure projects and have an intimate knowledge of the relevant legislation, safety standards and network operator requirements.

In the past 10 years, Exoteric has completed thousands of connections for a wide range of organisations including gas suppliers, local authorities, consultants, developers and individual builders. From simple to complex gas connections we pride ourselves on offering the same high level of customer service at the most competitive prices available.

What Exoteric will offer you:

  • Budget Quotation
    • A free estimate that is designed for customers at the preliminary stages of a project or where detailed site plans and gas usage information is not yet available. We can help you assess your project requirements.
  • Competitive Proposals
    • A free quotation that is designed individually to achieve a bespoke solution that meets your needs within 15 working days.
  • Comprehensive Service
    • A comprehensive package including mains, service lays and meter fits. You can select all or any of these services for your specific project through our online Siteworks Service.
  • Expert technical advice and support
    • Through the life of your project. Flexibility in arranging work on site and a personal account manager dedicated to your project from inception to completion.
  • Onsite Efficiency
    • One point of contact for all your on-site requirements. Full coverage across Britain. National network of highly skilled and professional operational managers for on-site liaison and advice. Highly skilled and professional engineers committed to delivering quality work. Option of Adoption by either a GT or IGT, with associated cost savings delivered to you the customer.
  • Flexibility

A quick guide to a new connection

  • Contact us
  • Confirm requirements
    • We will confirm if you need a new connection or a change to your existing gas supply.
  • Discuss your plans
    • Your dedicated project manager will answer any questions and give you a final quote.
  • Agree your proposal contract
    • Once you’ve agreed your contract and payment has been received your project manager will get back to you with an installation date.



The importance of energy has never been greater with its effects not only felt within the bottom line of businesses across Britain, but also in the social consequences of generations to come. From the financial impact of fluctuating energy prices to meeting environmental obligations, organisations now recognise that the ability to monitor and control their energy is essential.

Exoteric has worked tirelessly to be able to provide you with a fully integrated solution to allow organisations to effectively monitor and take control of their energy consumption. Advanced Metering with Exoteric provides a means to eradicate financial inefficiencies caused to all businesses by unreliable and inaccurate estimated billing. Importantly this allows businesses to use the data retrieved from its meters to change their behaviour and reduce their overall energy consumption.

Exoteric will supply and install the metering technology you require and can provide access to a secure website to allow you to retrieve and view the data on your energy consumption. This can make a real difference. This data can be forwarded direct to your supplier meaning an end to estimated and inaccurate billing, and can be utilised by you to identify areas of wastage and plan strategic improvements to reduce overall energy use and subsequent carbon emissions.